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General Terms of Charity Campaign


Tree of Life Foundation

Types of charity/donation:

  • By cash;
  • In kind  - movable item(s) (clothing, books, furniture, appliances, other household items, etc. unless they are restricted in the free circulation under the Georgian legislation and/or prohibited by the list below)


  • Shall bear no responsibility for a possible damage/loss  that may arise through  sending by the donator/sender of  the goods or the item prohibited by the law or under  these terms, or for such action performed by the donator/sender of the goods, as a result of which any damage/loss or/and violation of the law may arise;
  • Is authorized to use the donation/item/gift received for charity at the sole  discretion and to transfer the relevant parcel/gist for charity or/and to throw it into the garbage (in case of bad and unfit item(s))  without any additional consent;
  • Is authorized  to change the terms of this charitable campaign at any time at the sole discretion;

The donator (natural person) states that:

  • He/she  is responsible for the composition of the item/gift sent by him/her;
  • He/she  acknowledges that, in case of violation of legislation or these terms, he/she  shall be held responsible;
  • The parcel/gift sent by him/her meets all of the following criteria and/or does not cause  violation of the legislation and/or the present terms.

It is prohibited to send the goods/gift for donation that includes the  items which are:

  • Offensive and/or unbearable;
  • Unethical or/and do not comply with the rules and practices adopted  in the society and/or cultural norms established in the country;
  • Expressing   the blasphemy;
  • Illegal and/or antisocial;
  • A product/item, the use/sending of which is punished under the legislation.

It is prohibited to send the following items:

  • Any kind of drugs, products  and/or plants containing narcotic substances;
  • Live animals, fish, birds, rodents and stuffed  animals, their bones, fur, etc.
  • Flammable, explosive and/or harmful chemical substances or other hazardous items/substances;
  • Explosive substances and/or their products/items;
  • Pornographic products;
  • Toxic substances or products/items  containing them;
  • Firearms, their  parts and/or accessories or other kinds of ammunition;
  • All kinds of products/items, the sending of which may result in the breach of legislation and/or the present terms.


Through the website, the personal data you entered during the registration process will be used/processed solely for ensuring your participation in the project described on and will not be used for any other purpose.